Did you know that the Harley-Davidson Topper wiring harness used the same terminal in the magneto connection  as Air Planes have been using for some sixty years. Called a knife terminal. Takes two of the terminals for one connection.
Electrical system including





Lets start out by introducing the Harley Topper Magneto Generator.
Consists of two low tension coils, one operates the headlight and taillight.
The other supplies current for the high tension six volt coil, a Delco Remy
Model 404-6 volt coil ( number: 31600-47 ).
This system divides current-load needs separately.
The maximum output for each coil is 3.2 amperes at 7 volts.
When looking at the magneto-generator, the top coil is the lighting coil,
( number: 29575-55 ) and the bottom coil is the ignition stoplight coil,( number: 29574-58 ).

Note: The Harley-Davidson Hummer,Pacer and Scat used similar magneto-generator systems as the Topper
and some of the magneto parts will interchange, noted that the Hummer didn't use an external coil as the
Topper so the sparkplug wire lead would come directly from the spark coil on
the magneto and
the hummer only needed one set of points.

The magneto-generator on the Topper uses two sets of points, ( point gap setting is: 0.18 in.) so the
system has two separate cam lobes, one inner and one outer, the outer insets inside the the inner
and both lobes or keyed over the shaft.
A condenser (number: 29578-55) also used, mounted on the magneto-generator frame.
This alternating current generator when operating correctly supplies plenty of current
this scooter demands.

The Topper scooter used two types of wiring harnesses.
1. fits the 1960 and 1961 models, as the ignition switch is located on the control panel and the
stoplight pull switch used ring terminals, and the taillight wire connections wore different from the
later model harness, along with some insulating differences from the later model harness.
2. fits the 1962 to 1965 models, as the ignition switch has been moved inside of the
new handlebar cover, and the new lever type stoplight switch wires used female connectors
and the taillight wiring was changed along with some wire insulating differences.

A speedometer accessory lighting kit was also available

number: 67290-60 fit 1960 to 1965.

Headlight bulb used: 21-21 candle power.
Taillight bulb used: 21.3 candle power.

Magneto Chamber Shield Kit number: 33221-63
is an upgrade replacing 33236-59 and 33236-59A
fits model year: 1960 to 1965
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Harley Topper magneto Chamber Shield Kit 33221-63

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Magneto Grommets no. 29539-55
The grommets sandwich together on the case and magneto cover.
Run the wires in between the grommets and when the cover is
screwed down tight to the case the grommets form a seal to keep water
out of the magneto/generator.

Harley topper magneto cable grommets no. 29539-55


Magneto coil clips no. 29577-55
It takes two of these clips to snap and hold
secure each of the coils to the magneto frame.
Be very careful when removing or installing
the clips as they can be a little troublesome.

Harley Topper Magento Coil Clips no. 29577-55


Wiring diagram for the Harley Topper 1960 to 1961.
1960 to 1961 Harley Topper wiring diagram


Wiring diagram for the Harley Topper 1962 to 1965.
1962 to 1965 Harley Topper wiring diagram





Did you know the Harley-Davidson Topper  has a magneto  generator and used the same type of points as some single engine Aircraft. Thats True. and not only one set. But tow sets of points on the Topper.