Did you know the tapered muffler was called a megaphone.
Exhaust System.




When purchasing the megaphone type, tapered muffler number 15 in the
image below, part number: 65244-61 remember there are a
few different types, sizes and the hangers may not be the same.
So here are a few measurement you might want to jot down
when purchasing a new muffler for your 1961 upward Topper.

1. Over-all length: from tail to stinger tip 26-3/4 inches.
2. Width of the large bell exhaust exit end: 4 inches across.
3. Strap mounting bracket welded on pipe, measured from the
large bell exhaust exit end to center of bracket: 7-1/2 inches.
Strap is 1 inch wide by 1-1/2 inches tall.
4. Stinger Tip on large bell exhaust exit end, measured from
tip of stinger to bell face: 2-7/8 inches long.
5. Stinger diameter: 7/8 inches.
6. Exhaust pipe hole opening: 1-1/2 inches across id.

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Harley Topper muffler 65244-61

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Harley Topper muffler 65241-57




Harley Topper had two types of Mufflers.