Most of the tools found in the Harley Topper Tool kit can be found at local antique stores and yardsales and flea markets. WHY? the companies that made them sold the same tools to hardware stores all over the country.
Harley Topper Tires



Tire Data
Tire Size: 4.00 x 12
..........Tire Pressure: Front 14 psi
.................... ............ Rear 16 psi

NOTE: The tire inflation pressures given are based on a rider weighing approximately 150 pounds. When this load is exceeded by 50 pounds or more, increase tire pressure as follows: Each 50 pounds of overload increase pressure of rear tire 2 pounds, front tire 1 pound.

Tires had the Diamond pattern.
Nobody seems to make them anymore
and the only place that handles them with
similar Diamond pattern is Coker Tire Co.
This photo is of a Coker Black wall diamond
pattern tire, the company also makes a white wall.
Black Wall 4.00 x 12 .

Harley Topper Diamond pattern tire 4.00 X 12 Coker


Goodyear made an all weather tire back in the day 4.80 / 4.00 x 12
This tire type often found on the Topper Scooters.
We are not sure?, but do not think Goodyear makes this
tire anymore, you can research to be sure.

Harley Topper vintage tire Good Year 4.80 / 4.00 X 12

Firestone made a tire at one time also fit the Harley Topper.
Not sure but think they quit making the tire, research to be sure.




Did you know the pliers used in the Harley Topper Tool kit was made by JP Danielson company, Jamestown, NY. U.S.A.