Harley Topper Club. did you know Toppers started selling in 1960
Starter Assembly



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Click on any of the parts and view images of the Harley Topper Scooter Starter Assembly 11015 hand starter spring ring 33243-59 Starter brake retainer washer 33244-59 Starter Brake Spring 33250-59 Plate spring retainer 33249-59 Friction shoe spring 33248-59 Friction Shoe Plate 33248-59 Friction Shoe Plate 33250-59 Plate spring retainer 33245-59 Starter brake washer 33245-59 Starter brake washer 33246-59 Fibre Washer 33246-59 Fibre washer 33247-59 Brake Lever 33252-59 Harley Topper Starter Rotor 33253-59 Harley Topper Rewind Spring 33254-59 Harley Topper Starter Cover early style 34850-59 Harley Topper Starter Housing early style 33230-59 Harley Topper Starter Handle 33238-59A Starter Handle Rubber Washer later style 33232-59 Starter handle end plate 2215 Starter handle end plate screw 1250B Screw 33239-59 and 600 Starter nut assembly and roll pin 33236-59B Upgrade starter cup spacer came in the magneto chamber sheild kit and covers every model from 1960 to 1965 34850-61 Starter housing fits late 1962 to 1965 AH , AU 33254-61 Starter Cover fits 1962 to 1965 AH , AU NOTICE The tangs on the cover and the early style did not have them 33221-63 Magneto Chamber Shield Kit


Did you know Harley-Davidson started an insurance company in 1960 so Topper and motorcycle owners could get insurance on their scooters.