Harley Topper went throught many changes from 1960 to 1961 and you can find them on this webpage.

We are adding data and updating this page February and March 2013.

  1. Jiffy stand came out on the left side in 1960 and in 1961 was placed on the right side so the Topper would not lean towards the traffic but lean towards the curb.
  2. Magneto Chamber Shield Kit was an upgrade and fit 1960 to 1965 all models.The Number for the kit is: 33221-63
  3. Wheel Repair Kit number 43491-61 replaced the 1960 1961 A, AU below engine number 61A-1518 consisted of new Bolts,Washers and self-locking nuts.
  4. Connecting rod, crank pin and bearing 24200-53 used in 1960 and 1961 below engine number AH-1900 was replaced by 24200-61 above engine number AH-1900 Then replaced again by 24203-61 from 1961 to 1964 AH, AU from engine number 61AH-1900 to engine number 64AH-2120 and again changed in 1964 to 1965 to number 24203-64 on models AH,AU above engine number 64AH-2120.
  5. Stoplight Switch Assembly number 72004-39 pull-type was used from 1960 up to late 1961 Note: this switch was used up until the new wire harness came out for the later models with the new toolbox replacing the old body box, even though at that time the new Stoplight switch lever-type could be purchased to replaced the old pull-type, The new lever pull-type was available only as an upgrade as a replacement for the 1960 up to late 1961 only by purchasing as an complete conversion upgrade kit.
    The lever-type was available late 1960 and was ear-marked to eventually be the standard factory replacement taillight switch along with other changes in the coming year with the introduction of the Topper AH.
    To purchase the Stoplight conversion kit ( 72001-60 ) a few parts were essential in the kit needed to make the swap out from the old pull switch to the new lever-type switch.
    First, New terminals were needed to remove and replace the old taillight cable ring terminal ends with new male terminal ends needed to make the connection on the new Lever-type switch, also a new switch bracket was needed to mount the lever-type switch under the running board.
    So the new lever-type number 72003-60 came out on models late in 1960 around sept oct and used up into 1965.
    NOTE: if you purchase a Topper scooter and you know its a true 1960 or early 1961 model, a few things to check to see if the conversion kit was bought as an upgrade.
    Does it have a new lever-type switch?, switch bracket?, front taillight cable assembly terminals are male bullet type? ( a good Judge will spot the upgrade and will be just fine).
    Why The Change?.
    One. The pull-type always collected moisture especially as close to the ground as the Topper sat (3-1/2 inches from the ground ) would cause the switch to make false connection and need adjustment all the time to keep the correct spring tension to make solid contact with the points,water would seep into the insulator and switch terminal plate all the time, the pull-type switch has an internal and external tension spring. ( this same switch is used on many early lightweight motorcycles.)
    Two. The Lever-type didn't need the external tension spring, the spring is built within the switch, and the contact points are positioned to give a more precise contact connection, a bakelight cover with both male terminals embedded makes for a solid moisture free enclosure,and a solid metal lever controlled by pressing down on the brake pedal.
  6. Front Hand Lever and Paw Assembly 45020-51 was used in 1960 and 1961 A, AU below engine number 61AH-1900.
    Hand Lever 45016-51 was used in 1960 and 1961 A, AU below engine number 61AH-1900.
    45017-41 Hand Lever was used on 1961 & 1962 AU, AH above engine number 61AH-1900.
    Bracket number: 45023-41 was used from 1961 to 1964.
    Then in 1962 the AU, AH started using the Hand lever bracket welded to the handlebar.
    New Lever 45017-62 with ball on the end and curved lever.
    In 1965 the hand lever and bushing number 45024-65 was used on the AU and AH, This lever had the ball on the end and was a straight lever not like the earlier lever with the curve and ball,
    the pivot screw was larger than the earlier pivot screw.
  7. Early and later motor cover center trim.
  8. Seat changes.
  9. Body changes: The early body no. 50225-59 had an odd seat fastener hole very early in 1960, and to a early model taillight and taillight plug hole and taillight nut holes off just a little than the later taillight, also this body bolted to the heavy 5/8" rolled edge rear wheel shield which fastened by use of the early body box until the body box change in late 1961 updating the body to no. 50225-59B which was similar in style but now had a new style seat fastener hole and new rear wheel shield which fastened to the fiberglass body box and the new holes for the
    taillight no. 69010-59A.
    Both bodies fit models 1960 to 1962 AH, A, AU, of course this body had the seat fastener cam nut basket hole on top rear were seat fastens to the body.
    No. 50225-59C also fit 1960 to 1962 and kept the new seat fastener, the new rear wheel shield, the new taillight and now the new license plate bracket holes for the license plate bracket no. 59999-59, replacing the old bracket no. 59990-59 and at this time no more metal topper name plates no. 50240-59 on each side of the body, in 1962 the decal no. 50241-62 was used.
    ( 50241-62 decal was used one year only. )
    Body no. 50226-63 was used from 1963 to 1965 and did away with the seat fastener cam nut hole directly behind the seat on the body and now had the new seat fastener directly under the rear of the seat. The body box is now gone and the new tool box introduced, no more name plate holes on each side and in 1963 a new decal was used, no. 61769-63, The older body, side metal name plate no. 50240-59 is now used and fastened with speed nuts on the bottom rear fiberglass bumper centered, all the way up into 1965.
  10. Handle bar changes.
  11. Wiring harness changes:
  12. Shock Changes: no. 54502-59 fit early 1960 A, AU below engine no. 60A-4560 Then a shock kit was available no. 54502-59A to replace no. 54502-59.
    Shock no. 54502-60 this shock fit 1960 to 1965 A, AU, AH above engine no.60A-4560.
    All the shocks listed above are manufactured by Gabriel.
  13. Foot rest kit: Two different types of kits, 1. 50904-60 fit 1960 and 1961 A and AU below engine no. 61AH-1900 this kit had a different size footrest
    support bar to match up with the earlier frame,earlier rear wheel shield.
    The later kit 2. 50904-61 fit 1961 AH and AU above engine no. 61AH-1900 this kit used a different size footrest support bar to match up with the
    later frame and later rear wheel shield.
    Both kits used the same footrests and hardware.
    We have viewed some early model footrests which had smaller washers 6603W and some had larger washers,unknown reason for that.
  14. Rear Wheel Shield no. 58900-59 and no. 58900-61.
    The early shield 58900-59, has a smaller curve at the frame and is about an 1"1/2" longer at the tail end where it bolts to the body.
    The early shield has an 5/8" rolled outer edge and the later shield has an 1/8" outer rolled edge.
    Two different types of footrest supports 50957-60 and 50957-60.
    Both models use the same type of footrests.
  15. Speedometer Cover.
  16. Control Panel.
  17. Starter Cover.
  18. Bearings.
  19. Optional paint colors.
  20. Cable changes.
  21. Air Intake changes.
  22. Manifolds.
  23. AH Carburetor changes: The Tillotson Carburetor Stamped on the Boss with the Number: MD-119A fits the AH Topper starting in 1961 and in early 1963, part no. 27143-61
    (Fits any AH number from 1961 up to engine No: 63AH-1693)
    The Tillotson Carburetor Stamped on the Boss with the No: MD-119B fits the AH Topper from 1963 to 1965 part no. 27143-63
    ( Fits on any AH model year above Engine Number: 63AH-1693 up into all 1965 AH models.)
  24. Hot Sparkplug's verses Cold Sparkplug's.
  25. Exhaust Changes. In 1961 a conversion kit came out ( 65432-61 ) to upgrade the exhaust system which came out in 1960 with the flexible steel hose attached to the
    exhaust elbow connecting to the cylinder exhaust port.( 65800-59 ).
    The kit included exhaust pipe hanger,muffler bracket,muffler bracket hanger strap,spacers,washers,clamp,nuts and exhaust pipe with elbow.
    The kit came with instructions and photos to make correct installation pertaining to the new exhaust pipe conversion upgrade.
    Some of the clamps of the old flexible steel hose exhaust system was recommended to be re-used according to the literature.
    So if you notice on your 1960 a newer exhaust pipe,elbow and hanger, no flexible steel hose, your scooter was probably converted ( just leave it,) as
    someone probably converted it early on in 1961 or upward.
    Number 65437-59 Exhaust pipe was used in 1960 on the A, AU, this exhaust pipe was used with the flexible steel hose attached to the exhaust elbow.
    in 1961 the A and the AU upgraded to the 65437-61 exhaust pipe and the AU continued to use it up into 1965.
    The 1961 AH used a larger exhaust pipe 65244-61 all the way up into 1965.
    MUFFLER CHANGES. The 65241-57 was the round "cigar" shaped muffler and was used on the 1960 and 61 A Topper and on the 1960 to 1965 AU.
    The AH used the "megaphone" shaped muffler number: 65244-61 from 1961 to 1964, Then in 1965 the AH used number: 65241-57A tapered section





Harley Topper Factory Changes and Upgrades from 1960 to 1965.