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Who is Harley Topper Club?
This is not a members club website. But an active owners site who register as members in the forum.
You. The owner of a Topper who might want to occasionally take a little time to support and educate others who have a Topper
scooter. Who might have questions and need some direction with parts or tech problems you have experienced with your Topper.
Any one can take part in any of the activities on this site.
We suggest registering in the forum so folks can identify with a person by his/her user's name and email address.
To have an active roll in the forum you must register. This helps to identify each person commenting on the site.
And to help us keep the spammers and the rift raft out.

Any type of link,comments or threats posted on the forum deemed offensive to others. Will be removed and the registered person
who posted it, will be bared from the forum...... Also any link not pertaining to the interest of the club will be removed.
Young people get on this site and we want to keep this site clean from any nonsense.
Thanks Robert admin


Harley Topper Club was started in 2007, because there was no official club site or internet location for virtually any one
who restores Topper scooters and would like to locate and/or share information and the history of the
Harley Topper scooter.

Now with Harley Topper and org. you have a virtual website and forum to expand and explore the possibilities to
compile in one location where club members have an active role in a communicable arena.
This website hopefully will have enough active involvement and participation from members who are interested in seeing
this site expand and evolve into a magnet of interest for our younger generation to keep alive the
Harley Topper with a desire to restore a Topper for the ages.


"Restore For The Ages"

Harley Topper Club administrator, Administrator


Harley Topper motor scooter from 1960 to 1965